Roof repair in Toronto- How do you know its time?

Roof repair in Toronto- How do you know its time?

Don’t wait for rain to repair leaking roof!

One of the few things that can absolutely ruin your day is a leaking roof. When the pots and pans that you set out to catch the water are over flowing and the time to find and fix the problem is at hand, there are a few basic tips you should know when repairing any damage and fixing that annoying leak.

Check your attic thoroughly, both during dry weather and during heavy rainfall if possible. Look for standing water, water spots, mold, or cone-shaped designs on fiber glass.

Compare any spots you find when it’s dry in the attic to ones you find when it’s raining. These are indications of leaking spots in your roof. Going onto your roof and checking for signs of damage or roof repair is dangerous and if possible do it from the ground but, if you cant try to spend the least amount of time on the roof.

Make note of damaged shingles and make plans to replace them as soon as possible. Such problems can cause leaks and if the damages are not attended to, it can cause serious problems in the future. Leaks must be repaired immediately to prevent additional damage.

Once you have found the leaking spot, measure its location for future reference. Do NOT walk on the roof during a rainfall. A roof leak can be in a entirely different location from the drip. It is vital to check the entire area.